This BRIE, APPLE AND CRANBERRY GRILLED CHEESE recipe is the most delicious way to jazz up the classic grilled cheese sandwich! The Best Apple Brie Sandwich Recipes on Yummly | Roasted Turkey, Apple & Brie Sandwich, Turkey & Brie Sandwich, Hot Ham And Brie Sandwich. Top with apple slices, a little chutney or preserves and sprinkle toasted walnuts over. ... whole berry cranberry sauce, brie cheese, cooked ham, olive oil and 3 more. On each slice of bread, divide and spread mayonnaise on one side and cranberry sauce on the other side (the mayonnaise side is the outside of the sandwich). Your brie … Place in a 350 oven for a few minutes to warm the brie. Spoon half of the apple mixture over the bottom half of Brie, spreading evenly. Place one half of Brie, rind side down, in a small baking dish. The brie and cranberry baguette is an incredibly tasty sandwich filled with a combination of sweet ingredients and the creamy brie for added texture. Bake 12-15 minutes or until cheese is soft and just begins to melt. Top each with remaining slices of bread, ensuring the mayonnaise side is the outside of the sandwich. If you love sweet Brie cheese with bread or crackers, you will definitely like this brie cheese and apple sandwich. Method. On four of the bread slices layer ham, cheese, spinach, and apples. Just bake for irresistibly melty cheese encased in a golden, flaky crust. Then, you simply must lay the brie … This BRIE, APPLE AND CRANBERRY GRILLED CHEESE recipe is the most delicious way to jazz up the classic grilled cheese sandwich! This should be easy since the cheese should be frozen! Balsamic, Basil, Blueberry and Brie Sandwich Plating Pixels. Top with remaining half of Brie, rind side up. Slice the brie into medium thick slices and place a layer on each side of the open baguette. This isn't your typical sandwich, it's like a "dessert" sandwich because it contains sweet ingredients like apples, cinnamon, pecans, brie cheese on cinnamon raisin toast. Prep time (may vary): 45 Spread the remaining four bread slices with cranberry sauce; place on sandwiches, cranberry sides down. Cut Brie in half horizontally. On 4 slices of bread, layer brie, arugula, apple slices, and turkey slices. Put a plate on the bottom tier with tea-lites. How to keep brie warm: To keep the brie warm on your serving table, place pie plate in the upper rack of a two-tiered dessert tray. The brie is then baked for 10 minutes or so until it has softened. How to Cut Brie for A Sandwich. Double crème Brie layered with apple cranberry then wrapped in puff pastry. Step 1. The longer you bake it, the more gooey the cheese will be. Spoon the remaining apple mixture over the top of the Brie. Split the baguette for a sandwich. Wrap the brie tightly in plastic wrap and freeze for at least 30 minutes; Once frozen, remove the wrap and slice off the top and bottom of the brie. Brush outsides of sandwiches … Choose a handy baguette for one, or add the ingredients to a long baguette and cut it in to three for the family to enjoy.
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