-Taryn. Or do you fill at water stations and boil, or do you need your own drinking water filtration system for this hike? There are no water refill stations on the Berg Lake trail. The Berg Lake trail is well marked and easy to follow. Cross the bridge to reach the Whitehorn campground. The Berg glacier descending from Mount Robson. Switchback up the steep slope following cairns. Directions: From Berg Lake continue towards Rearguard camp then branch right onto the trail to Snowbird Pass. If you get to the campground earlier in the day you’ll have a choice of empty sites. Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies at 3954m (12,972ft), towers over Berg Lake. The same goes for the descent: you can do it in one day, but many people prefer to split it into two days. Unfortunately Greyhound has ended their service in Western Canada, so there is no public transportation to the park. The trail celebrates not only the natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies, but also highlights the magnificent Mount … Stay straight to remain on the Berg Lake Trail. Bring a camp stove for cooking. After the bench go left at the junction to head towards Hargreaves Lake. You’ll get some of the best views of Berg Lake and Mount Robson while also checking out some of the other campgrounds. Bring a print out or screen shot on your phone of your reservation confirmation to show the rangers. Distance: 4.5km/2.8mi | Elevation Gain: 150m/500ft | Time: 1-2 hours | Difficulty: Easy. The exact date hasn’t been announced yet, but I’ll update this post when it is. As you drop back into the forest you’ll join the Toboggan Falls trail, which will take you back downhill to the Berg Lake campground. Berg Lake Trail Map This map includes an overview of the main route for the Berg Lake Trail. It’s not directly glacier fed and pretty shallow, which makes it the best bet for swimming near Berg Lake. At the top of the switchbacks there’s a short section with a chain railing and some stairs. If you purchase through these links I make a small commission at no cost to you. Hi Taryn, thank you so much for this amazing post. There are also bonus views of Hargreaves Lake and the Hargreaves Glacier. To manage the crowds, the park rangers have made all campsites on the trail 100% reservable between mid-June and the end of September. This tight gorge channels the Robson River rapidly downhill. The larger campgrounds have more. The best views of the whole trail are up here. You’ll pass by a sign that marks the spot where the toe of the glacier used to reach 100 years ago – it’s retreated over a kilometer since then. I don’t recommend it and the vast majority of people spend at least one night on the trail. (I measured!) There’s an open sided cooking shelter here. Location: Mount Robson Provincial Park in the Canadian Rockies, 1 hour west of Jasper. More information about the Berg Lake Trail Continue steadily uphill in the forest for another kilometre to Falls of the Pool viewpoint. Kinney Lake near the Kinney Lake Campground, Distance: 2.5km/1.5mi | Elevation Gain: 30m/100ft | Time: 40min-1 hour | Difficulty: Easy. Keep it up. The tent pads are small and you’d only be able to fit one 2 or 3 person tent on each pad in most places (they aren’t all the same size). Berg Lake is at an elevation of 1640m (5410ft). Day 2: Hike to Berg Lake campground. Outside there is a covered front porch with benches. To meet demand for this world class destination, the Berg Lake Trail is 100% reservable in advance of arrival. Navigation along the trail and the day hikes are straightforward. Some of the campsites at Kinney are right on the lakeshore with a beautiful view – probably the prettiest campsites on the whole trail. Don’t forget to admire the view of the Berg Glacier on your way down. The helicopters are only allowed to land on Mondays and Fridays. Since it is a 21km hike in with 800m of elevation gain, many people split the ascent to Berg Lake into 2 days. To reach Snowbird Pass, follow the trail uphill beside a stream through the meadow. So glad you liked the guide! But if you head around the side of Mount Robson, you can see the much larger Robson Glacier as it ends at it’s own mini-lake. Looking back to Kinney Lake from the Whitehorn Hill, Distance: 4km/2.5mi | Elevation Gain: 100m/325ft | Time: 1-2 hours | Difficulty: Moderate. FYI: There’s a $5 service charge for phone bookings. The Berg Lake Trail is one of the best backpacking destinations in the Canadian Rockies as it circles around Mount Robson while following the Robson River and passes by … ©Taryn Eyton 2014-2020 All Rights Reserved, Bridge at the bottom of Valley of a Thousand Falls hill, Robson Pass campground AND Mumm Basin Trail fork, Robson River flats across from Whitehorn Mountain, Beside Robson River upstream of Emperor Falls, Robon River flats across from Rearguard Mountain, Click here for Google maps driving directions, Click here to get $45 off your first Airbnb stay, How to Leave No Trace (And Why it’s Important! Watch for drop-offs. You’ll gain 500m over 5km! There are large metal lockers at each campground. However, I hear it’s still pretty cold. The trail follows the Robson river from the south face to the north face of the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies Mt. Take a print-out or screen shot of your reservation confirmation email to the Mount Robson visitor centre on the day you start your hike. On sunny summer days highs up of up 30C (86F) are possible, with the temperature dipping to less than 10C (50F) at night. Directions: Follow the directions for the Robson Glacier Toe hike (above). The weather in the mountains is also often very cold and wet so be sure to pack accordingly. It’s a midsized camp but it has a large common area with picnic tables and a lean to shelter. There’s lots of awesome stuff going on with this trail! There are many day hikes that can be enjoyed from the Berg Lake trailhead, or from the many campgrounds along the trail. Berg Lake is reached at mile 10.9, its turquoise waters to the right of the trail. It looks like you had an amazing adventure there!! There are a mix of raised wooden platforms and dirt tent pads on the Berg Lake trail. This is THE day hike at Berg Lake. Print out the map, then tuck it inside a ziploc bag for use on the trail. I would love to hike this trail and will add it to the bucket list. Day 3: Day hike to Snowbird Pass. We met Americans, Austrians, Mexicans… oh and a bunch of Canadians from all over the country. This is also the only section of the trail where you won’t encounter any water sources, so be sure to fill up your water bottles before you head up the hill. The Berg Lake Trail is known far and wide as a world-class backcountry hiking trail. Hey there: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase. Time: At least 2 Days. The Berg Lake trail is one of the premier, and most popular backcountry trails in the Canadian Rockies. Hang them on your backpack while you’re hiking and your tent when it’s set up. Feb 26, 2020 - Explore Tracey Sawatzky's board "HIKE THE BERG LAKE TRAIL", followed by 1512 people on Pinterest. Go right for an outhouse. View of Berg Lake and the Berg Glacier from near Marmot campground. To avoid carrying a stupidly heavy pack, choose lightweight backpacking gear rather than heavy conventional camping gear. Which means you’ll also cross from Pacific time into Mountain time!) Going again next yr with a decent camera instead of a cell phone. Robson with its glaciers flowing into Berg Lake. There are a few interpretive signs along the way. Am going in a few weeks and planning has been so much easier with your information. The parks employee at the trail registration desk told them no – with it being the long weekend and blue skies in the forecast – there was no chance and she sent them elsewhere. stream We plan to go to the US and canada in the next year or so. From these camp sites, you can take a day hike on the Hargreaves Lake Route to Toboggon Falls and Robson Pass. After Kinney Lake bridge the trail stops looking like a road and more like a trail. The Berg Lake Trail is located in Mount Robson Provincial Park in the Canadian Rockies. We spilt up our hike over 5 days so we’d have lots of time to enjoy the scenery and to go on day hikes from our base at Berg Lake Campground. There is a 4 way intersection on the far side of the bridge. You’ll need to know your party size, age category of each membe… There are a few short switchbacks, but it’s mostly a steady climb through the forest. Reach the alpine meadow then continue into rocky terrain above treeline. You’ll definitely get hit with spray so wear a rain jacket. Bikes: You can bike the first 7km of the trail to the end of Kinney Lake but you aren’t permitted to bike further than that. The Whitehorn shelter has a wood stove but you are only allowed to use it in an emergency. The trail is 21km one way (42km return). Love the blog too, off for a read of some other posts now. The Berg Lake Trail is located minutes from the Mountain River Lodge, this is one of the classic Rocky Mountain trails. Thanks for supporting my website! Such wonderful photos and really thorough write up. My home is in Vancouver but my heart is in the mountains. This means there are opportunities for beginner to advanced backcountry hikers along the way. However, the tent sites are all very close together or very close to the trail. It’s such a beautiful place: Go make your reservations now! >> In this post I’ll tell you everything you ever wanted to know to plan your own trip. This is the smallest campsite. Looking down Toboggan Falls towards Berg Lake, Distance: 6km/3.7mi loop | Elevation gain: 300m/985ft | Time: 2.5-3.5 hours | Difficulty: Moderate. You might be tempted to leave your heavy backpack at the junction. It is partly fed by the Berg Glacier. The video, the Berg Lake trail map, and the description below are based on our second trip to Mount Robson, done as a backpack in 2011.We did a 2 night backpack, camping at Berg Lake and pushing on toward Snowbird Pass as a day hike, but there are several great … The star of the show is the Berg Glacier, tumbling down the slope of Mount Robson into the lake. First and foremost, the trail needs to be booked online here. Have a great hike! Distance: 5.5km/3.4mi return | Elevation Gain: 0m/0ft | Time: 1.5-2 hours | Difficulty: Easy. For more info on how to navigate the online reservation system, see this guide. The Berg Lake Trail is really popular and people come from all over the world to hike it. One kilometer from the Berg lake campground you’ll pass the Rearguard campground. All the campsites have a marked grey water pit where you can pour your dishwater or strain the water out of your pasta. The park borders Jasper National Park and is the second oldest park in British Columbia. Falls of the Pool in the Valley of a Thousand Falls, Distance: 5km/3.1mi Elevation Gain: 520m/1700ft Time: 2.5-4 hours | Difficulty: Hard. The trail is typically snow-covered until mid-June. The shelters are for cooking and hanging out. You will probably want to stay near Mount Robson Provincial Park the night before so you can get an early start on the trail. Maximum Group Size: 12 people to minimize impact. From the mini-lake, continue following the rock cairned trail as it steeply switch backs uphill past some warning signs. It is not in a Canadian National Park so you don’t need a National Parks pass from Parks Canada. 4 Reviews of Berg Lake "Backpacked the Berg Lake area for 5 days over the BC day weekend. If you are comfortable biking with an overnight pack, using a bike for the first section could make your trip a little faster. Thankfully, the reservation fee isn’t too expensive: It’s $6 per tent per night, up to a maximum of $18. The temperature can also vary a LOT at Berg Lake. I don’t think I saw any mention of it here. Distance: 21km/13mi return | Elevation Gain: 785m/2575ft | Time: 7-9 hours | Difficulty: Very Hard. Helicopters: If you have the cash, you can pay to fly in to Robson Pass on a helicopter. There are frequent info signs and maps so it’s almost impossible to get lost. Since it’s in British Columbia, it’s on Pacific time. Some of the links on this blog are affiliate links. The smaller campgrounds all have at least one picnic table. Never leave garbage behind in the food locker – pack it out with you. There are a few side trails that you can take for a closer look. After you leave the trees follow a worn path and cairns through the gravel to reach the mini-lake at the toe of the Robson Glacier. After discovering it for the first time in 1992, when we had no reservation and therefore could not do it, we went a second time this year, with our son, and we managed to do it in 2 days – of course, it would have been good to stay longer, but the weather was so-so. Past here the trail emerges from the forest and travels near the edge of the canyon. Thanks for your support. For the 2021 season, reservations for the Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park will open January 2021 and must be made online. There’s a bike rack here since this is the furthest you’re allowed to ride a bike. Avalanches are a danger on the trail when it is still snowy. The Robson glacier from the Snowbird Pass trail. The Berg Lake Trail is so high traffic that the park rangers have installed wash stands and grey water pits to try to keep dishwashing water out of the lake and streams. Snowbird Pass Route (1 day): Snowbird Pass is closed May and June due to caribou calving. Wow, what a trip! Aaaalll the info about the Berg Lake Trail. To the left is forest. And speaking of glaciers! This is the last campground on the Berg Lake trail, so most descriptions stop here, but the trail actually continues on. The Berg Glacier is on the shaded north side of Mount Robson, which protects it from the heat of the sun. Mount Robson is the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies! Thanks for this awesome post, Taryn! See directions below. Most of the time we were there, the top of Mount Robson was hidden in the clouds. There’s a large info board with a map. Distance: 7km/4.3mi loop or up to 10km/6mi out and back trip | Elevation Gain: 450m/1475ft | Time: 3.5-5 hours | Difficulty: Hard. You’ll walk in the forest for about 1.5km before emerging on a gravel slope with a view of Berg Lake. If you want to do any of the day hikes at Berg Lake, you’ll also want to allow time for that. Would definitely recommend. If you’re splitting up the climb to Berg Lake into two days, Whitehorn Campground is the most logical stopping point on your first day. Plan is to stay: 1 nt in Whitehorn, 2 nts in Berg Lake and 1 nt in Kinney.
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