Ethics and dissemination Thusly, we extrapolate that the qualitative research findings presentation is thus well positioned to turn to different “ways of showing.”. Weak presentations risk reducing the likelihood of achieving these effects and compromise the rigor of the qualitative research being presented. HERXHEIMER A & ZIEBLAND S. (2003) DIPEx: Fresh insights for, This editorial article contains four messages eme, people face a new diagnosis or dilemma they do not know how to find the, information they need; doctors find some aspects of disease, are reassuring; patients telling their story, analogous to. synthesised onto A4 charts using three main headings: communicate their work and those who had not, work, and how it was disseminated and evaluated, we were able to, (shown in Appendix 2) and demonstrates how fe, Because paying attention to the source of the message had already been, identified as important in disseminating research, we decided to focus the, heading (see Appendix 2). GILGUN JF & ABRAMS LS. Searching for qualitative. Consideration must be given to unpublished results and preliminary findings before they are presented. Each scene portrays, perspective of the schizophrenic experience set within a fictitio, mental health nursing and drama course objectives in a, MORSE JM, SWANSON JM & KUZEL AJ. and poorly understood (Estabrooks 2001). (eds.) TODRES L. (1998) The qualitative description of human experience: T, TODRES L. (2004) The meaning of understanding and the open. al. As such, presentations of qualitative research findings serve many enduringly important knowledge-related functions to academics, students, disciplines, and communities alike—extending to both workplaces and the work itself. Through a long term illness trajectory is has been shown that women living with SLE are in an existential "emergency", which on a daily level challenge the opportunity for living a fulfilling life. Embora seja adaptado à pesquisa em SI, é suficientemente amplo para ser aplicável e valioso para pesquisadores de qualquer campo das ciências sociais. present for primary and secondary prevention. Thematic, analysis of this data showed how students developed considerable, awareness of issues surrounding this schizophrenic il. The skill of successfully sharing a new piece of scholarly work meaningfully combines a complex range of presence, public speaking skills (Ridde & Mohindra, 2009), preparation and practice (Hardicre, Coad, & Devitt, 2007), and an ability to translate knowledge and read an audience (Hadfield-Law, 2001). Disponível em: . Thus, the need to reinforce authority on the subject during a presentation is unnecessary. C, Martin, M. D. M. B., Amores, M. D. C. C. (. In the UK, a recent, Social Research Council funded social work and social care researc, applying research to practice, policy or people is often, beyond the research process. This paper positions “research findings” presentations as a distinctive genre, part of qualitative method, and an expression of scholarly discourse. (2001) Research utilization and qualitative research. Informed by these approaches, our view lies not in merely pushing the boundaries and norms of an academic presentation but also creating and holding space for “different ways of showing” or indeed different forms of engagement and knowledge, which is what qualitative research is in and of itself. In addition, schools. This was found to be empty and l, The authors experimented with the data in the form of a play, to feedbac, delegates present papers defining mental h, surrounding schizophrenia. Article 2 examined how women experienced life during the time after the diagnosis, and showed that the nature of SLE as a fluctuating illness affected the women’s opportunity to feel a positive existential movement in life. theatre to accurately represent qualitative research findings. You should have planned how you were going to analyze your data, how that would influence your methods, what data you would collect and how. But… I have 76,543 pages of research findings. The challenge is to communicate one, two or three months of research in a few minutes. Dissemination of Findings: How to Share Results Once the evaluation is completed, it is important to share the results and/or evaluation procedures with a ... disseminate the approach to and results of Abt Associates' evaluation of New York City Health Bucks program. BARNES V, CLOUDER L, HUGHES C, PURKIS J & PRITCHARD J. al.’s (2000) conference presentation. It is preferable to be a voice in that conversation than to leave it over to others within the knowledge community. ative data, publication in peer-reviewed jour, was not a planned outcome at the outset of the above stud, was piloted to audiences of service users and, Both of the above works were born out of a desire to join theatre with, Busting: The Challenge of a Drought Spirit, has been performed to service users, community dr, photographs, videos, CDs, DVDs, audio-tape, ’s informants insisted the play only had credence if the audience, and social care issues such as cancer and, This review is by no means exhaustive. The next section presents the historical development of scientific communication, why publishing in peer-reviewed journals now occupies such a central place, and the functions fulfilled by this form of publishing. (2000) Action research: A. suitable method for promoting change in nurse education. As such, assessing whether or not visual aids add value (Foulkes, 2015) to a presentation is a key but overlooked step. The onslaught of neoliberalism, austerity measures and cuts, impact of climate change, protracted conflicts and ongoing refugee crisis, rise of far right and populist movements have all negatively impacted on disability. Congress, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, 21-23 October. JONES K. (2004) Mission drift in qualitative research, or moving toward a, KAJERMO KN, NORDSTROM G, KRUSEBRANT A & LUTZEN K. (2001). Little is known about how people with serious disease use the internet as. MANN E & REDWOOD S. (2000) Improving pain management: Breaking, This article is reprinted as Mienczakowski (2003) and describes t, pilot study based on research, health consumer experi, (schizophrenia) and attitudes toward treatment regimens. They use a series of three open-end, in-depth phenomenological interviews with 60 purposivel, teachers of American Indian students to produce a book of stories, case studies based on fact. One researcher then wrote a narrative. Yet responsiveness and respect to audiences, whichever knowledge community is involved in the presentation, is important in any genre. After you have identified who you should disseminate the findings to, you need to determine how you will do it. A phenomenological interview form was chosen as the primary mode of data collection. For more information view the SAGE Journals Article Sharing page. Caregivers are frequently in need of support, and a range of interventions have been trialled to improve outcomes. RAPPORT F, WAINWRIGHT P & ELWYN G. (2005) ‘Of the edgelands’: Writing the other, rewriting the self. As he explains, ‘research-based theatre represents another attempt to come to, terms with issues such as: the nature of knowledge, construction, considerations about how to best honour and, especially the desire to have research make a difference in the, As such, Gray references Jim Mienczakowski and the following two, disempowered health consumers gain a voice (Mienczako, marginalised and disempowered through their health experience, schizophrenic illness where individuals think out loud but lack, synchronisation in their thought processes. Results will be translated into educational materials and presentations for dissemination to appropriate knowledge users. (2001a, 2001b). Qualitative research is underpinned by the understanding that there are different “ways of knowing” and that these are ultimately guided by our experiences of and in the world. However, in our experience overseeing or participating in conferences for over 8,000 qualitative researchers over the last 10 years, presentations of qualitative research (including keynote addresses) generally: Give precedence to the visual aid elements of the presentation (such as PowerPoint, Prezi, and Keynote) over presenting skills. pursuing examples of how good qualitative research has b, communicated was because they pay attention to both the scientific, 1998; Willis 2004). We draw on genre theory to make recommendations for future qualitative research findings presentations to improve the rigor, influence, and impact of such presentations. framework for assessing research evidence. As with other forms of public speaking, making presentations is a well-known, potent, and commonplace stressor, particularly when delivered to established academic members of the knowledge community (Furmark, Tilfors, & Everz, 1999, Garcia-Leal, Graeff, & Del-Ben, 2014). A narrative approach using human experiences and phenomena to evoke the very nature of qualitative research, enhanced by (rather than led or defined) visual aids, allows for compelling framing and interpretation of our findings. disseminating and implementing research in general? we found that most (n=11) of the above examples had their. 1995; Rozmovits & Ziebland 2004; Sillence et al. Round 2 is designed to determine preliminary consensus of the importance of factors generated in round 1. Every year thousands of presentations of qualitative research findings are made at conferences, departmental seminars, meetings, and student defenses. d programs. Academics are seldom formally trained in public speaking (Ridde & Mohindra, 2009) and are expected to develop skills by trial-and-error experience by delivering presentations (Happell, 2009). Finally, effective presentation style is facilitated by cultivating self-awareness, refining self-portrayal (Foulkes, 2015), and ultimately developing an authentic presentational presence (Anderson, 2013). With so much current focus on new methods of knowledge dissemination (e.g., video abstracts, infographics, and podcasts), the academic presentation is ripe for examination and reinvigoration. agencies were also available (Mienczakowski, 1996). The researcher Dr. Brene Brown (2016), in the Ted Talk “The Power of Vulnerability”, opens up with her own personal struggle in reconciling identities of “Brene as researcher” and “Brene as storyteller”—and yet these are not incompatible identities when presentations are viewed as genred. Despite wide prevalence, high stakes, as well as personal and epistemological importance, most presentations of qualitative research findings do not realize the full potential of this genre to meet the ends that it serves. By continuing to browse Participants spent the first hour searching the internet (l, their thoughts and opinions of websites) and the second taking part in a, found the DIPEx site well laid out and easy to search, commending the, audio and video links, and question and answer sections. Within this perspective there is no ‘voiceless’ writing (Charmaz & Mitchell, 1997), and there is an increasing concern in qualitative research to pursue the epistemological, ethical, and methodological implications of such reflexivity. reflection papers (Morgan et al. GRAY RE. Qualitative research involves many different formats and methods, each with a specific use and aim. To do this, university which provided leadership in developing the first draft of this, breast cancer were also involved in this partnership as investigators and, (Gray, Fitch et al. Moreover, scholarship to address these shortcomings is comparatively neglected. St Andrews: University of St. Andrews. RYCROFT-MALONE J, HARVEY G, SEERS K, KITSON A. influence the implementation of evidence into practice. 2000). • Inclusive pedagogies, evidence and activist practices In: C Ellis & M Flaherty (eds. Its potential lies within ethnodrama’s capacity to concurrently be a viable reflexive tool for informing the provision of informed health services; a mechanism for shaping and informing political and public will; and a vehicle for emancipatory practice. Research knowledge is mainly disseminated in verbal or written, forms. (2002) The nature and usefulness of, GLESNE C. (1997) That rare feeling: re-presenting research through, portrays the essence of her understanding in poetic transcription. Despite the commonality and centrality of these presentations, little is known of the quality of current presentations of qualitative research findings. 2004). Rehearsal provides the chance to refine what is said, how this is said, and with what mannerisms this is imparted (Collins, 2004). 1993), while, simultaneously following the experiences of a ne, (Rolfe et al. This identification and crystallization of new knowledge or insights, presented as the main message guiding the narrative, can then be used to construct a clear sense of the contribution of the paper being presented to existing knowledge primarily and up front. Nevertheless, and despite these differences, the act of presenting qualitative research findings is never merely about communication, dissemination, and engagement but serves to reflect the purpose(s) of qualitative studies, and ultimately, methodological rigor. Common Problems in Qualitative Research Findings Presentations. analysed and interpreted qualitative research findings are more powerful. In genre terms, visual aids are not the presentation. inquiry in the development of complex practice by teams of socia, BALL M & SMITH G. (2001) Technologies of realism? Tradução de: OKOLI, Chitu. Freebirthing: a case for using interpretative hermeneutic phenomenology in midwifery research for knowledge generation, dissemination and impact, Creating art from research: A theatre play based on research interviews with senior therapists, Lawrence-Lightfoot, Rancière and Gemma: Reconciling the Subject Matter with Research Processes and Outcomes, Beyond the Page: A Process Review of Using Ethnodrama to Disseminate Research Findings, Reflections on Art-Based Participatory Research with Middle School Bilingual Youth, Guia Para Realizar uma Revisão Sistemática da Literatura, An Exploratory Study of the Lived Experiences of Unmarried College-Educated Black Women, Developing a Dance Movement Therapy Approach to Qualitatively Analyzing Interview Data, The Routledge Handbook of Disability Activism, Grasping the Existential Experience of Living with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. silences and the continuum of care among women in families. As such, presentations of qualitative research findings can, and should, be diverse in form, structure, and rhetorical and physical elements but still share the common purpose of constructing and expressing knowledge so that the nature, contribution, significance, and implications of the qualitative research are communicated clearly. Cognizance of habits (voice volume/pace, eye contact, tics, habits, and body language) and the refinement of expression (pauses, rises, falls, and stresses) are key elements of effective presentation style. These stories ar, the user to engage with them in return. consensual theatre. Buy Disseminating Qualitative Research in Educational Settings: A Critical Introduction (Doing Qualitative Research in Educational Settings) by Hughes, Christina (ISBN: 9780335210428) from Amazon's Book Store. (1993) Use of focus group, methodology to develop an asthma self-management program useful for, LEVIN B. However, doctoral programs remain focused on developing substantive knowledge and methodological expertise (League of European Research Universities, 2010). Simultaneously, ethnodramas offer the potential to demonstrate and/or experience the wide-ranging emotions associated with particular pathogens and consequently may inadvertently unleash unanticipated emotional responses in audiences during or subsequent to a performance. We will now show that the genre of the qualitative research findings presentation can successfully serve these multiple and compatible ends. Garcia-Leal, C., Graeff, F. G., Del-Ben, C. M. (, Kosslyn, S., Kievit, R., Russell, A., Shephard, J. Given the particular suitability of qualitative research data to stories shared through emotive language, innovation, novelty, and/or curiosity within the boundaries of the formal features of presentation, such facets are well suited to resonance. Sharing links are not available for this article. Implications for research practice are discussed. Cinemagraphic creation of film vignettes of the existential experiences represented an additional insight cultivator during the analysis and interpretive writing. Some society journals require you to create a personal profile, then activate your society account, You are adding the following journals to your email alerts, Did you struggle to get access to this article? Aiming at, educational and social science researchers, Eisner, and theatre to represent data. Ethnodramatic performance allows victims of mental illness, sexual abuse or rape, substance abuse or plastic surgery, in partnership with health care professionals and academics, to explore and examine, through dramatic devices, what it is like from the inside looking out - that is to say, from the perspective of the patient. nursing students’ clinical practice. We, human and social world, and perspectives on that world in terms of the. St Andrews: University of St. Andrews. We have offered considerations and suggestions for approaching and undertaking the presentation differently. Yet there has been very little scholarship devoted to it and too often its potential is vastly compromised. Guidelines were, only found to effect changes in practice when they were linked to, strategies such as reminders, peer review, marketing and educational, interventions, and there is reasonable evidence for the use of mass, media, for example television, video, radio and newspapers, to, interventions appear to offer the best hope of promoting behaviour, change, yet this assertion is at a theoretical level (Bradley et al. Much previous research has focused on identifying patient-level risk factors that can improve the risk assessment process through, Open access (OA) is a way of providing unrestricted access via the Internet to peer-reviewed journal articles as well as theses, monographs and book chapters. 2001); instead, authors appear better at reflecting on how these, processes have fundamentally altered the way they engage, DIPEx has yet to go beyond recruiting individuals from ne, social care education, but we could find no in, Action research processes may have much to offer the progression o, using qualitative research findings and the evaluation of an, researchers, academics, service users and citizens is woven into the ver, fabric of the three exemplars. Knowledge outputs will also include academic presentations at relevant conferences, and a published, peer-reviewed journal article. play, clinical experience and involvement in the play (Rolfe et al. Presentations can impart new study findings, raise awareness of important issues, create debate, or be for student evaluation. Dance/movement therapy (DMT) skills that encompass ways of listening through an embodied, empathic, aesthetic manner; and a movement observation and assessment tool, Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) were at the core of this explicatory process. Effective dissemination is simply about getting the findings of your research to the people who can make use of them, to maximise the benefit of the research without delay. Ethical approval is not required for this review. Indeed, it should now be assumed that anything that is shown or said will be broadcast via the back channel. For more information view the SAGE Journals Sharing page. six major assumptions about research utilisation: These assumptions are, of course, not necessarily valid ones. This means that public speaking skills, the embodied act of presenting, are largely and notably neglected. counsellors were on hand (Mienczakowski 1996). Lessons learned from this project are presented in relation to ethical issues, the process through which qualitative data are transformed into a theatre performance, and the distinctive perspective afforded by a dramaturgical approach. Thus, while presentations should fit within the scope, institutional, disciplinary, and rhetorical context of the qualitative research findings presentation (Table 1), effective presentations can, and should, make use of the wide nature of appearances and facets of this genre. Reflecting this approach to discourse, we rather offer these considerations and suggestions for those approaching presentations of qualitative research findings (Table 3). (2001). 2003; Paterson et al. The rationale for pursuing examples of how good qualitative research has been disseminated is that we pay attention to both scientific and communicative concerns. In the validation phase, the revised model was tested with a different subset of dance/movement therapists. physicians and changes were then made before it was performed in all, eight Ontario cities hosting a regional cancer centre. The genre of presenting qualitative research findings shares many characteristics with the genre of writing such findings. (2000) Using qualitative methods in health-related. studies, except where they are based on qualitative research findings. the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Accordingly, the presenter perceives the PowerPoint/Prezi/Keynote to be the largest and most important task when preparing a presentation. raised (Mienczakowski 1995, 2003). Outputs can be written, verbally presented, audio/visual or electronic. The purpose of this review is to (1) understand the clinician and organisational level barriers and facilitators that influence a clinician’s assessment of suicide risk, (2) identify the types of biases that exist within this process and (3) list any evidence-based training protocols and educational initiatives to aid (or support) clinicians with this process. The a, research findings (Walter et al. This article addresses this important gap by positioning “research findings” presentations as a distinctive genre, part of qualitative method, and an expression of scholarly discourse. Though used effectively in social change programs, dramas are seldom used to distribute research findings exclusively. HUNT K, EMSLIE C & WATT G. (2001) Lay constructions of a family. Panellists will be invited to reconsider their judgements and resubmit ratings using the same rating system as in round 2. and how do you make decisions about what or what not to disseminate? FINFGELD DL. Presentations do not have to incorporate slides. As Grujicic-Alatriste ( 2015) and. (Rozmovits & Ziebland 2004; Sillence et al. Thus, you will want to organize that story in a way that makes sense to you and will make sense to your reader. The process offers, an opportunity for researchers to build empathic bridges. Each audience member was given a photographed, nursing students and actors in university and residential psychiatric, settings to service users and health professionals. (1998) Four perspectives on unconventional therapies. Seeking constructive feedback can be used to improve skills and style and can be used to ensure the aims of the presentation are clear to a wide range of audience members or particular target audiences (Happell, 2009; Rossiter & Stone, 2015). In this article, we’ll give a basic overview of how to analyze qualitative data in layman’s terms, and offer a few suggestions on how to get better insights from open-ended survey questions, while making your life easier. The, performed at a university and psychiatric hospital to raise consciousness, in the community about schizophrenia, as well as to develop an. Many open access repositories have been created in the last decade. The first two cover the, followed by a section describing three studies that we believe exemplify, innovative ways of disseminating qualitative research. This neglect of the genre of presentation is puzzling and concerning. audience is also part of script and performance validation. TODRES L & HOLLOWAY I. assess or evaluate the impact of their dissemination on practice. As such, they cry out for, searching. The qualitative research findings presentation, as a distinct genre, conventionally shares particular facets of genre (Table 1) entwined and contextualized in method and scholarly discourse. Future, Journal of Health Services Research and Policy, -centred perspective is a potential resource to, . Several participants felt empowered after coming into contact, with these personal experiences and planned to revisit their general, In the second study, 28 purposively selected individuals, prostate cancer support groups were recruited to four focus groups, (Rozmovits & Ziebland 2004). GRAY RE. MEYER J. understood its scientific basis (Mienczakowski 1996). The problem is that there is little evidence on the impact of such, dramas. breast) in Ontario, Canada, asking about their information needs; followed by interviews with medical oncologists examining t. the issues these women had raised as being important. There is a relationship between our, about doing research. This lack of critical attention and scholarly reflection, we shall argue, not only harms communication but also reduces qualitative methodological rigor and fails to do justice to the qualitative research methods and findings informing them. change and/or understanding (Dick 2002; Meyer 2000; Waterman et al. Based on longitudinal interviews with 60 teachers of, American Indian students, plus a further 80 interviews. Qualitative research presentations are not merely a “genred” form of communication but also an integral part of qualitative research method. ), Investigating Subjectivity. A guide to conducting a standalone systematic literature review. symptoms to initial diagnosis, to any treatment and possible side-effects, are encouraged to tell their story with as few interruptions from the, interviewer as possible (Ziebland 2004). There is also a number of registry websites that index these repositories. Successful dissemination strategies are more likely to be ethically, considered, piloted and collaborative in nature. The project aimed to, research, explain and inform audiences about health issues surround, alcoholic abuse by presenting the experience of ending a p, observation and interviews over a four-month period in an urba, unit (Mienczakowski 1995, 2003). ... Research has shown that information can be better understood and retained when audiences are engaged with the content and can comprehend (on some level) the terminology or language in which it is being conveyed (Miller-Day & Hecht, 2013). Memory enhancement for emotional words: Are emotional words more vividly remembered than neutral words? Qualitative methods, in turn, are increasingly diverse in form and theory—around epistemology, rigor, methods, data collection techniques, sampling, and analysis. Sometimes content will be presented with the overt aim to confuse, disorient, or create dissonance. (2003) examined 5,800 references across education, soc, models and strategies for research impact. The qualitative research findings presentation, as a distinct genre, conventionally shares particular facets of genre entwined and contextualized in method and scholarly discourse. This genre-based approach does not downplay the core purpose of the presentation in scholarly discourse. A wealth of resources on the design of effective slideshows for presentations in general is available (e.g., Duarte, 2008). intertextual forms of (re)presentation: The case for dancing the data. this protocol paper is to describe procedures for a modified Delphi study to explore expert consensus about important factors when developing caregiver interventions. The paper also explores the author’s subsequent commitment to public pedagogical outcomes through seeking to: Prioritise the community most connected to the subject matter and the public as the primary recipients of the research outcomes, create greater respect and acknowledgement for the community members who contributed to the research, create more equitable access and broaden dialogues by using public space to publish research findings.. Public health researchers are charged with communicating study findings to appropriate audiences. in terms of record duplication. Each module on DIPEx, interviews covering all aspects of their illness and care. At this stage, most abstracts, papers or, qualitative research findings. We had already located 21 of these refere, journal website searches (n=7) and by making em, mailing list, by searching the National Research Register and by, contacting known colleagues. had collected and analysed the interview data. Instead, the audience can be referred to other manuscripts describing the research itself for further detailed information, and in that the presentation is the vehicle to engage the knowledge community in the end stage of knowledge production. When presentations of qualitative research findings fail to achieve their specified ends, this lack becomes an issue of method, and quality of the research and authorial identity is consequently undermined. hearing feelings: Ethnodrama and the performance of data. One technique is ethnodrama/ethnotheatre, a written or live performance based on study findings. Interpreting Findings OVERVIEW Qualitative research begins with questions, and its ultimate purpose is learning. These performances received press and television coverage, provoking responses from health service agencies on the issues the pla. Are constrained by the physical setting and thus have little capacity for breaking with norms such as the spatial positioning of the presenter behind the podium (microphone constraints) or at the front of the room (stage constraints). Likewise, our aim in taking a genre-based approach to presentations is to avoid these overly prescriptive and decontextualized tricks and tips. Based on the 16 texts or groups of texts with, empirical foundations, we now list their non-traditional modes of. Assuming there are those who do pay attention to the dissemination of qualitative research findings, what can we learn from them? In this article, Richardson focuses on the unanticipated. Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Scientific Adviser for the Department of Health. schools/gcm/ar/areol/areol-session06.html. Exact deta, covering many different traditions and is therefore difficult to define. Select the right Qualitative Research method. The paper concludes with suggesting that academia needs to study the drug-fighting institutions in international sports to improve its capacity to expose and sanction unethical behavior. Audiences are more likely to be engaged in, and to remember, research that is presented in such a way that it evokes an emotional response through the use of story (Kensinger & Corkin, 2003). The very act of presenting can be a vulnerable exercise in authorial identity (Happell, 2007); however, presenters must rely on the fact that methodologically rigorous research inherently underpins the qualitative research findings presentation. Estabrooks (2001, pp280-281) goes on to cite. Drawing on Gadamer’s (1960) critique of objective aesthetics, we advocate that like writing, understanding and interpreting qualitative research findings presentations is created by a complex fusion of the horizon between the presentation/presenter (as text) and its audience. The focus on the experiences of other patients. In short, their aim is to make more of a difference to, the lives of the people the research is about. The qualitative research findings presentation as a discursive activity within a knowledge community should be understood as a unique genre and thusly framed as having distinct requirements. With contributions from senior and emerging disability activists, academics, students and practitioners from around the globe, this handbook covers the following broad themes: (2003), multimedia approach to sharing experiences and inform, The quality of 70% of health information on the inter. Smartphone cameras have made it easier to take photographs of slides, and it is imperative that presenters ensure that the images on slides are not protected under copyright and that correct attribution is given to all elements on each slide. Members of _ can log in with their society credentials below, International Journal of Qualitative Methods, This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 License (. Or is it simply because these traditional methods often confine, audiences to fellow academics (Barnes et al. 7. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, v. 37, n. 43, p. 879?910, nov. 2015. All these efforts are only valid if we act on the findings, right? HURST K. (2002) Building a research conscious workforce. (2002) Get real: Representing reality. Too much text is also in presentations simply because presenters are not sufficiently comfortable with their material to talk without prompts. A research output is any item arising from NIHR-funded research that enters the public domain. The paper includes issues such as et, social science and film methodologies differ, turning written material into. (2004) Performing 9/11: teaching in a terrorized world. Interviews were conducted with two subsets of dance/movement therapists (N = 6) to: (a) develop the approach in the induction phase (n = 3); and (b) test the approach in the validation phase (n = 3). ESTABROOKS CA. (2000) Narratives. All agreed that they had enjoyed the production and had, benefited from seeing it. It also challenges the activist movements, transnational and emancipatory politics, as well as providing future directions for disability activism. KOHLER CL, DOLCE JJ, MANZELLA BA, HIGGINS D, BROOKS CM, RICHARDS JM Jr & BAILEY WC. The inner accordance in which the women were unattended involved with self and others were disturbed and forced upon them a continuously re-balancing. Based on the sample of 958 metadata files containing records modified in 2012 we provide an estimate on the number of duplicates in the entire collection of repositories indexed by OAI. (2003a) Performing on and off the stage: The place(s) of, on longitudinal interviews with men with prostate cancer and their, transcript is reproduced in this article. A team of researchers coded and managed the health, second and third interviews about the accuracy of the play provide, of awareness resulting from the play. and credibility of script and performance. The first analysis showed that during the diagnosis phase a basic condition in life was an experience of being in a standstill-in-life. Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in. There is ‘a major agenda for, utilisation and transfer bridges are made, findings could influence policy and practit, the projects’ impact on research methodology. Further, Crenshaw’s (1991) theory of intersectionality brings us to reflect on multiple interacting ways of seeing and experiencing the world, which we recognize too plays a role in the social act of the research presentation. (using non-traditional methods of communication). The genre of the presentation has, at its core, the notion that someone is being presented to: such as a conference audience, community, or doctoral examination committee. As a distinctive genre, presentations share common features of structure, form, and rhetorical functions (Table 1; Frowe, 2006; Hammersley, 2008; Swailes, 2005). As we will show, while books on writing (and even writing qualitative research) proliferate, specific help and support for presenting qualitative findings is notably absent. Text-heavy visual aids undermine an audience’s understanding and engagement because the brain utilizes similar structures to process written text and oral speech, leading to counterproductive neural competition when presenters speak at the same time (Horvath, 2014). A case study analysis of the consortium for, applied research and evaluation in mental hea,, In May 1999, 2,458 groups and individuals on, newsletter (37%), broadcast media (15%) and booklets of mem, There is concern about the quality of health information o, Few empirical studies examine how the internet is used by those who, DIPEx breast and prostate cancer modules – about how, when and, internet was used to gather information, support them and make sense of, ZIEBLAND S, CHAPPLE A, DUMELOW C, EVANS J, PRINJHA S &, This study uses the 175 interviews with cancer patients for DIPEx, modules to explore their use of the internet. Important methodological information can always be provided in a handout for those interested in this. A number of prerequisites appear necessary to utilise research finding, of appropriate synthesis methods and sufficient sector capacity to r, such research messages. For lots of researchers, it’s kind of the least favorite part of research. MURPHY E, DINGWALL R, GREATBATCH D, PARKER S, WATSON P. (1998) Qualitative research methods in health technology assessment: A, NUTLEY S, PERCY-SMITH J, SOLESBURY W. (2003), Research Impact: A Cross-Sector Review of Literature and Practice. Decisions on which form to use are based on your knowledge of, DONOVAN J. They selected 341 of these. 1993). Even playing with and bending genres is predicated on an initial understanding of what is being played with and bent. Declaration of Conflicting InterestsThe author(s) declared no conflicts of interest with respect to the research, authorship, and/or publication of this article. Interviewees were then shown the appropriate DIPEx, needs. A wide variety of techniques can be used to increase confidence and skills around this human element of presentations. • Belonging, identity and values: how to create diverse coalitions for rights This reliance on normative presentation structures exposes the difficulty researchers often have in articulating the contribution and significance of their research concisely—which tends to be relegated to tacit impartation and consequently not communicated effectively (Ridde & Mohindra, 2009). The rationale for pursuing examples of how good qualitative research has been disseminated is that we pay attention to both scientific and communicative concerns. Communicating qualitative research findings: An annotated bibliographic review of non-traditional, Communicating qualitative research findings: an annotated biblio, Research Methods Group for sending out a request for references; to the, participants of the 2005 Vaxjo (Sweden)–Bournemouth (UK) University, Collaboration for their feedback on an earl, those who responded to our email contact; and to Anita Somner for her. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0703174, All content in this area was uploaded by Steven Keen on Sep 02, 2014. Communicating European Research Conference. Goes to the Cinema: Rural Research Knowledge Translation, This conference paper describes the transformation into a documentar, and 30 interviews with service providers. Stories, both everyday and extraordinary, human experiences, behaviors, and phenomena are the qualitative researcher’s “stock trade.” Unlike other scientists who must render highly technical or obscure phenomena intelligible for audiences, our source material—qualitative data—is often well-placed to create presentations of appeal and interest to both public and professionals alike. In terms of content, qualitative research findings may also convey social significance (Clandinin & Caine, 2008), explicate processes (Morse, 2012), and/or explain behaviors or outcomes (Morse, 2012; Pawson & Tilley, 1997). Round 1 will comprise a free-text questionnaire and invite the panel to contribute factors they deem important in the development and evaluation of caregiver interventions. I felt that the relationship with the community of the subject (the artwork) should be extended beyond the six interviews that I had planned, and feedback on drafts. dissemination strategies are summarised as: evidence-based practice (Bradley et al. (2001) Educational research and, BAGLEY C & CANCIENNE MB. BRADLEY P, NORDHEIM L & DE LA HARPE D. (2005) A systematic, review of qualitative literature on educational interventions, CLEARY LM & PEACOCK T. (1997) Disseminating American Indian, gcm/ar/areol/areol-session06.html, London: Health Development Agency. Creative ways to disseminate research findings: ‘Moving Stories – Moving On.’ PG research cfarrance. The general, public (n=258) enjoyed seeing the drama (, made the subject seem more true to life (99%), and expressed a, to see more dramatic productions about living with cancer. The NIHR takes a broad definition of what constitutes a research output. The panel will be asked to rate each factor using a 4-point Likert-type scale. Initial plans should include funding for dissemination in the research budget and building dissemination into grant proposal timelines. You might want to share your findings with wider nonacademic audiences to raise awareness of particular issues or invite audience engagement, participation, and feedback. However, the solution to this should be more presenter preparation not more presentation text. It is alluring but wrong to reduce the genre of presentation to a slideset. A new model was formulated by adapting and/or critically applying a combination of previously developed analytical frameworks. Assuming there are. A new and important consideration for research presentations is the back channel of social media. Social care, health and education literature is replete, describing getting research out to a wider audience. BRACKENBURY J. It is based on separate interviews with men (n=34), and their wives before the men had prostate surgery, two months after, surgery, and a year later; several urologists were also intervie, increase awareness about issues relating to prostate cancer by using, actors and a scriptwriter. findings, what can we learn from them? Framework for Understanding the Evidence into Practice Ag, [online]. Reporting into research performance, MORSE JM, SWANSON JM & KUZEL AJ (eds.). theatre experts, and subsequent revisions were made to the script. Service users, were involved in the rehearsal process to guide actors (Mienczakowski, resource officers, nurses and care-givers (Mienczakowski 1996). For example, some presenters will intentionally break the physical space between themselves and their “audience,” moving into the audience rather than speaking to them from a distance or behind a podium. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Vetenskaplig publicering-en personlig resa från praktik till historik och etik (Scientific publishin... Identifying priorities for cancer caregiver interventions: Protocol for a three-round modified Delph... Factors influencing suicide risk assessment clinical practice: Protocol for a scoping review, Deduplication of metadata harvested from Open Archives Initiative repositories. 2005). evaluation: a framework for assessing research evidence’. This, Supporting, rewarding and reinforcing the development of, To give an overview, about half the 62 texts reviewed originated from, no study was rejected for further review on the, Three-dimensional multi-media presentations. For example, active, facilitated and, analysed discussion periods followed performances of, literature also confirms the importance of active discussion about, research findings, as well as tailoring approaches to the inten, audience and paying attention to the source of the messag, process of communicating qualitative research findings does not appear, any different from using the findings of any kind of researc, 2001). Or is it because authors pay, Maybe it’s because funders of research focus on the financ, projects (McCormack et al. The presentation is also always enacted within a social context and subject to various unstated norms. The analysis was guided by human science phenomenological methods, as described by Max Van Manen, and consisted in part of ontological-eidetic considerations, anecdotal writing of lived experiences, and thematic writing. Table 3. In, the first, 13 people with hypertension were recruited via a local, hour online, logging their thoughts and opinions of websi, second hour taking part in a group discussion about t, internet in health advice. Systematic reviews of interdisciplinary arts-based health research show that critical reflexivity in examining the impact of the arts is lacking (Boydell, Gladstone, Volpe, Allemang, & Stasiulis, 2012; To consider the practice implications for social work and related inter-professional teams working in services being provided for AAS users and identify barriers for accessing support, Skills in writing papers for scientific journals have become crucial across academia, and universities everywhere are arranging writing courses in their ph. The, seek to weld textual, academic presentation and performance v. this article is placed under Mienczakowski (1995). No clear, guidelines exist for metasyntheses – contested issues incl, evidence and audit trails. This is not to say that these modes of dissemination replace the scholarship of qualitative research and/or the peer-reviewed journal manuscript—far from it. These facets as norms impart a sense of order or structure, with conformity often being the standard to which ostensibly successful academic presentations are held. 2004) to communicate findings to all who communicate with patients. I have read and accept the terms and conditions. saw the production, within two weeks of attending and six months later. blood, receive a sense of altruism and solidarity. Please check you selected the correct society from the list and entered the user name and password you use to log in to your society website. The context and meaning of these portraits is explained. Social media has now become a timely and engaging manner in which to gain feedback about a presentation. Muitos pesquisadores não são bem treinados na realização de uma revisão de literatura autônoma, um documento acadêmico que resume e sintetiza na sua totalidade o conhecimento anterior de um corpo de pesquisa. In comparison, Bagley & Ca, interviewed parents of UK children with special ed, texts were classed as being based on empirical qualitative data – broadly. Methods Dissemination activities typically target the academic research community. service providers, general public, high school students and community, drug and alcohol representatives took place in clinical, university and, conference settings. When making presentations, in this discourse, authorial identity is assumed, adopted, and cocreated as part of broader discourse (Wolcott, 2009). While those taking part in de-briefing groups agreed the play, worthwhile and had generated meaningful discussion among healt, authors was when the audience invaded the stage at the, This pilot project reworked and fictionalised informant experiences and. Again, taking Bagley &, interviews into performed words and choreographed movement, hence, the entry ‘performed words and movement (dance)’ under the a, column in Appendix 2. Campbell et al. Interviewees were then shown, information needs. CLOUGH P. (1999) Crises of schooling and the ‘crisis of representation’: COLE AL & MCINTYRE M. (2004) Living and dying with dignit, Alzheimer’s Project [online]. within educational research – and to engage with policy makers. Ethnodrama seeks to represent, demonstrate and remain true to the, informants who contribute (qualitative) data on their lived experience –, often marginalised health-care recipients and their carers. Despite this interpretive complexity, qualitative research findings are ripe for harnessing this element and thus intentionally designing engaging presentations. 2003; Gray & Sinding 2002; Gray, Sinding et. DIPEx modules translate research findings to a, and themes. Indeed. A common concern among researchers presenting qualitative findings is around the implied need for, and risk of, oversimplifying content to meet the needs and/or wants of particular knowledge communities. (2003) Increasing the impact and value of research in, But why i, concerned only with research of a qualitative nature? Quantitative and qualitative research differ somewhat in their approach to data analysis. Limited scholarship has been devoted to qualitative research findings presentations, their nature and relevance to qualitative research, and how they can be improved. In response to this situation, an increasing number of qualitative researchers in disciplines such as education and healthcare have sought to reach wider audiences for their work. By the ye, they had made around 200 presentations throughout Canada and the, United States (Gray 2000). The methods include face-to-face or phone interviews, focus groups, observation (natural settings), textual (polls, surveys). From the theoretical basis of genre theory, a number of common and damaging mistakes are found to be evident in the manner in which qualitative research findings are usually presented. The e-mail addresses that you supply to use this service will not be used for any other purpose without your consent. individual interviews were conducted (two from each focus group) to ask, about specific cancer information needs. and implications for student performance training, research training, Ethnodramas construct script and performance using consensus, methods, with informants controlling both text and representation. However, in qualitative research, data analysis often begins during, or imme-diately after, the first data are collected, living with and caring for their mothers, both of whom had Alzheimer’s. found their way into classrooms. Find out about Lean Library here, If you have access to journal via a society or associations, read the instructions below. research skills: A qualitative evaluation. Another alternative is to avoid using particular software altogether (Kosslyn et al., 2012), such as PowerPoint, and to instead focus on the verbal impartation of knowledge through the embodied genre of presentation. This nevertheless remains a common problem with presentations of qualitative findings. Drama that emphasises research is topical. Relatively, little attention has been devoted to the scholarship of the presentation. Being new to the academic world I had naively thought that the only way to disseminate research findings was though conferences and publishing papers. 2000; Yaphe et, al. speech. Future work would do well to explore the nature and relevance to qualitative research, and how this can be improved. The rationale for pursuing examples of how good qualitative research has been communicated was because they pay attention to both the scientific and 2005). In: JM Morse, JM Swanson & AJ Kuzel (eds.). Fourteen women completed the study in all three interview sessions. Available from the, Evidence and Policy: A Journal of Research, Debate and, Real Change Not Rhetoric: Putting research into practice in, Telling Tales in Sport and Physical Activity: A, . Similarly, ethnodrama, as first described by Mienczakowski, ²⁵ should be interpreted as the staged performance of cultural texts developed, written, and authenticated by health care patients,* their associated health care specialists, academics, and the general public (as audience). Available, Knowledge Review 7. Therefore, accuracy, or remaining true to those the research is about, is presented. ²⁰ Within the modern era, we can see that the works of Dario Fo, for example, represent not only fine examples of drama, but in addition represent a significant mode of political and cultural critique. The. experience with the ill person’ (Gray, Fitch et al. Verbal narrations of points written on slides may stand in for a presentation in the eyes of the presenter, but it significantly compromises the genre. Over 90% of presentations arguably contain too much text (Kosslyn, Kievit, Russell, & Shephard, 2012)—a tendency particularly challenging in presentations of qualitative research findings given the need to include corroboratory data to support themes (Kalyuga, Chandler, & Sweller, 2004; Reynolds, 2011). This reduces presentations to overly stilted one-way transmissions of factual impartation. Research on Lived Experience, Performing the personal and professional struggles of beginning. processes for script development and performance. In the induction phase, the video footage of the dances was shared with a CMA and the participants for peer review, and the approach was revised. example exploring suicide or child abuse through drama. In the present article, our aim is to present a methodological case study of the development of a theatre play based on a qualitative study of senior therapists' life and work. As explained by Kamler and Thomson (2008) in relation to writing, providing normative advice dismisses the importance of context and variations in practices and norms across knowledge communities. An annotated bibliographic review of non-traditional disse, of this work appear to remain on shelves and have little impact on, practice, research, policy or citizens (Finfgeld 2003; Troman 2001). There was wide press and media coverage, provoking a response from health service providers on the issues, For both plays, counsellors, psychiatric nurses and other support agenc. The email address and/or password entered does not match our records, please check and try again. 2, consumers, simply presenting findings in these different formats appears, unlikely to change behaviour. View or download all the content the society has access to. The next step would ideally involve more thorough scholarship, including theoretical and empirical explorations devoted to of this method of discourse that is so much a part of our scholarly activities. Genre-Based Suggestions and Considerations for Future Research. The ethical considerations for, performed research informants and audiences are not well recognise, subversion: Night workers on the fringe of dawn – from bow-wave to. According to Mienczakowski (1996). An illustration attempting to balance texture and structure. FundingThe author(s) received no financial support for the research, authorship, and/or publication of this article. the way he thinks about himself as a researcher. Later in the study, a mid-way, consultation workshop was attended by eight researchers, and two, completed. Successful dissemination and uptake of research evidence requires identifying the appropriate audience and tailoring messages via appropriate mediums. 2000, Ziebland. 2000). It is anticipated that the results will be published in peer-reviewed journals and presented in a variety of forums. In this article, the potential of cartoons as a vehicle for processing and transmitting qualitative research findings is explored and some methodological advantages and concerns of using cartoons in this way are outlined. research with communities, colleagues and critics. Dissemination refers to “a planned process that involves consideration of target audiences and the settings in which research findings are to be received and, where appropriate, communicating and interacting with wider policy and…service audiences in ways that will facilitate research uptake in decision-making processes and practice” (Wilson, Petticrew, Calnan, & Natareth, 2010, p. 91). Despite popularity of research consortia and similar collaborations [6, 8, 9], there is little guidance on how to design, conduct, analyse and disseminate multi-country and multi-disciplinary research generated through qualitative approaches. These lenses provide cause to reflect on the oft-gendered and highly cultural nature in which a presenter, and thus the presentation itself, is perceived and received. Based on two interviews exploring factors impacting, implement findings from a study exploring the extent to, which a philosophy of health had been integrated into, Based on 60 interviews: 30 with parents of children, with mental health issues and 30 interviews with, ... Central to all healthcare research is dissemination: the communication of research findings. Remaining true to ‘grounded theory’. This article, similar to Mienczakowski’s other work (1995, 1997), focuses. In the developmental and emergent spaces of social science research, which performance ethnography and health promotion - that which we have labeled ethnodrama - occupies, we are writing the guidelines as we go. • Enabling human rights and policy We will now consider recommendations for the improvement of future presentations of qualitative research findings. To also disrupt the conventional academic format of chapters of this nature, but in line with our collaborative approach to research and teaching, we have divided our narrative into two distinct voices. This also allows for a wider audience reach, as those who cannot physically attend the presentation are privy to such conversations. Although the stand-up comedy genre can be diverse (think Tina Fey vs. Richard Prior vs. Rowan Atkinson), comedians share the common aim of making people laugh. 2004, Yaphe et al. It arose out of two qualitative research studies: focus groups with women. These were exhibited in a CBC studio entrance, in 2002. The facets of the genre of qualitative research findings presentations (as shown in Table 1) are, unsurprisingly, the norms to which scholars generally hold when delivering presentations for knowledge communities. The documentary demonstrates, family members. Little empir, how people with serious illness use internet information. and pictures from within the author’s family. Voice One provides a first-hand narrative account of our research processes and challenges. ORCID iDSheree Bekker BAGLEY C & CANCIENNE MB. For this article, we searched for examples of qualitative research where findings have been disseminated beyond the journal article and/or conference presentation. Authors’ NoteA. Courses, groups, and books on and for academic writing have proliferated in recent years (Aitchison & Lee, 2006; Aitchison, 2009; Sword, 2013); however, this has not been the case for presentations. Despite the commonality and centrality of these presentations, little is known of the quality of current presentations of qualitative research findings. Presenters usually adopt a demeanor, tone, and physical spatial place that differentiates from those being “presented to.” Presenters usually (although not always) seek to construct a “credible representation of themselves and their work, aligning themselves with the socially shaped identities of their communities”—in this instance—the audience for the presentation (Hyland, 2002a, p. 1091). Doing this while simultaneously trying to process a presenter’s spoken words excessively increases cognitive load, impairs listening and learning (Horvath, 2014), and decreases retention (Horvath, 2014; Wecker, 2012). ) an interactive videodisc programme for low back could not find on more orie... Data analysis ” is augmented by several factors, including informants and actors, were after. Be improved but not stretching this genre lives of the two studies on 19 transcribed support! Is comparatively neglected with serious illness use internet information over 70 times at conferences,.., Tarrida, a read and accept the terms and conditions of existentially... Guidelines exist for metasyntheses – contested issues incl, evidence and audit trails readers to have a experience. The act of presenting qualitative research methodologies has generated an interest in the is... ; Mienczakowski 1995 and unhomelikeness and constitute the women in families, common associated! Act of presenting, are altered to give clarity and readability express a strong sense of prevailing “ socialized ”! Exercise took place over an eight-week period late in, model building of best practice guidelines emphasise the of. Of drama based on normative presumptions and practices of written academic papers findings: ‘ Moving –... Si, é suficientemente amplo para ser aplicável e valioso para pesquisadores de campo. Rolfe et al under the following headings: some implications of findings are made at conferences, departmental,! Were disturbed and forced upon them a continuously re-balancing concern is frequently expressed when communicating qualitative findings to or! Service users and more likely to be successf, with the genre presentation... Formats and methods, each with a certified movement analyst ( CMA ) presentations are, of narrative. Without your consent unexpected questions, reactions, and how they can be as!, audio, visual aids are not the presentation are privy to such conversations their information needs, Ontario Canada... Services research and health car Bradley has, however, doctoral programs remain focused on developing knowledge... Participants found the dipex site well laid out, and overall influence of the various of. Professional present, even, at its core, the presenter variously as the vehicle, source, overall. Presentations to overly stilted one-way transmissions of factual impartation is embodied, involving the presenter ’ family. Changing relationships towards the illness which affected the women´s ability of feel existentially home. On themes highlighted across all previous summaries production and had, benefited from seeing it groups of with!, technology transfer, knowledge utilisation, research findings are not sufficiently comfortable their! Is little evidence on the fringe of dawn – from bow-wave to, understanding ’: the..., DOLCE JJ, MANZELLA BA, HIGGINS D, BROOKS CM, RICHARDS Jr. Doctoral programs remain focused on developing substantive knowledge and methodological details involved—the presentation is,! A ne, ( actor ) performance and theatrical style are secondary to the scholarship of research... Concepts simply with wider appeal continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of art-informed approaches disseminating! Worrier, as one who suffers Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, 21-23 October: JM,. Formats appears, unlikely to change behaviour I ’ D rather go with heart! The state of the existential experiences represented an additional insight cultivator during the phase. From, EMSLIE C, PURKIS J. BRACKENBURY J how can they be.... The impact of such, dramas are seldom used to increase confidence skills! So today we want to cover a few creative ways to support caregivers is not required this. E.G., Duarte, 2008 ) and performance v. this article, we extrapolate the. To judge this students developed considerable, awareness of issues surrounding this schizophrenic.. A wide variety of forums of knowledge i. London: social care Institute for Excellence,,... Presentations influence promotion, career progression, and an expression of scholarly discourse bridges! 2001B ) Invisible women town race: a systematic review and guidance for.... ) presentation: the case how to disseminate qualitative research findings dancing the data fourteen women completed the study a!, to a child, now adult, looking after her child, now adult, looking after her,... Debriefing sessions, personal, journal entries a, and responsive to its social and cultural.! Constructed through three consecutive, interview sessions at time: 0, 6 months and after 18.. Human and social care in total, 10 women were included from a Novice researcher of being in a equilibrium! Current presentations of qualitative literature research that form a generic workflow suitable for deduplication bibliographic... Production, within two weeks of attending and six months later breast cancer patients further! Worth disseminating support for the research budget and building dissemination into grant timelines... An ethical one ( Morgan et al achieve their potential resonance corresponding editor of the 47 studies graphic... For low back a trial presentation to health professionals, and how it should now be that! Disorient, or create dissonance most abstracts, papers or, qualitative research: Tying the... To make a difference with their material to talk without prompts the evidence into practice to... Explore the nature and relevance to qualitative research presentations is the active discussion of research,! Piloted and collaborative in nature many presentations fail to achieve their potential resonance presentations. Worldviews and biases of the two studies designs: a framework for assessing research evidence, goes how to disseminate qualitative research findings. Focus group ) were conducted to ask about specific cancer, information that could! Open source tools that form a generic workflow suitable for deduplication of bibliographic records were subject various! The shelves and into the streets dissemination to appropriate knowledge users is presented same rating system as round. ( 2001b ) Invisible women living with, and the active choice to birth without a health professional,... Six from education unlikely to lead to changes in behaviour ( Table 2 ) translated into materials. Asthma self-management program useful for, LEVIN B a & barnes C. ( Bradley G & MANTHORPE J use it! To fill it with whatever how to disseminate qualitative research findings required p.4 ) Collins, 2004 ; Sillence et al: the state the. Schedule was used to elicit their, views about the website was valued as, information.. Androgenic steroids JM & Kuzel AJ ( eds. ) audiences who attended the play Rolfe! Insights from sensitive search terms even though we kne, this would produce many unwanted abstracts what what... Slideshows for presentations in general is available ( e.g., Duarte, 2008 ) book below ) publishing.! Issues incl, evidence and audit trails presenting is thus well positioned turn! Actor ) performance and theatrical style are secondary to the people and research need! Research being presented F, WAINWRIGHT P & ELWYN G. ( 2001,... To successfully push boundaries, when and how can they be improved Services! Disseminating and presenting qualitative research findings should be more presenter preparation not more presentation text 0... But a recognition of some undesirable outcomes and new responsibilities emanating from performance ethnography hashtags on )! Educational research – and to engage with policy makers professional present, even, at a large psychiatric.. Shown below a notable issue with reporting qualitative findings health Services research and health, accessibility and provoking! And value of research in a few creative ways to present complex concepts simply wider! Their non-traditional modes of dissemination replace the scholarship of qualitative research has been disseminated is that not results. ) Metasynthesis: the case for dancing the data tips to designing Visually Appealing Slideware present... Digging... You, Accessing resources off campus can be signed in via any or all of the examples..., papers or, qualitative research, wish to make more of a ne, ( Rolfe et al,... Method, and theatre to represent data life was an experience of Overføring itself provoking. Them ( Herxheimer et al made in the last decade this involved, participant and... The above book how people with serious illness use internet information interviews or questionnaires to access experiences... Participants found the dipex site well laid out, and perspectives on that world in terms of writing such.... Service agencies on the unanticipated an eight-week period late in, model building of best practice guidelines the... Barnes et al these traditional methods often confine, audiences to fellow academics ( barnes al. Authorship, and/or publication of this construction in terms of its social and cultural context colleagues... Presenting is thus well positioned to turn to different “ ways of showing. ” adapting and/or critically a... Illness and care in general ) and health, accessibility and with provoking and facilitating discussion care. Society journal content varies across our titles health promotion initiatives are more likely to be ethically,,! Findings should be effective how to disseminate qualitative research findings but a recognition of some undesirable outcomes and new emanating! The contributions of Indigenous and feminist pedagogies disseminate the findings, raise awareness of issues surrounding schizophrenia Morgan. Creating resonance and verisimilitude is reduced are directly relevant to your research questions or research hypothesis with policy makers community..., metasyntheses to improve outcomes findings ( Walter et al SMITH G. 2001b!, care ( Shaw et al to implementation: challenges facing evidence-based creative to... Embora seja adaptado à pesquisa em si, é suficientemente amplo para ser aplicável e valioso para pesquisadores qualquer... This also allows for a modified Delphi study to explore the nature and relevance to qualitative research findings shares characteristics! Developed considerable, awareness of issues surrounding this schizophrenic il within educational research and theatre, Gray 2000. Are made in the play ( Rolfe et al account of our research processes and challenges and engaging manner which. ; Nisbit, 2004 ; Nisbit, 2004 ) performance v. this article analyzes repositories!
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