Mechanical and electrical engineering underpin many of the technologies that support how we live such as transport, energy and communication. As with most other professions, more seasoned engineers tend to earn more than those still in entry-level positions. This post was directed towards mechanical vs electrical engineering, however there is no doubt that other engineering fields are essential for most careers and projects in the world today as everything is multidisciplinary! These classes are simplified and condensed for mechanical engineers as they will go through the curriculum in less detail but faster. Oxford.English.for.Electrical.and.Mechanical.Engineering.pdf Choosing this will involve learning more about circuiting and programming, which will allow you to work on robotics among other things. Your email address will not be sold or shared with anyone else. To the outside observer, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers may appear as if they’re cut from the same cloth. The list is endless, you could refer to aircraft, robotics, rockets etc. Mechanical or Electrical Engineer with 2 yrs Experience in Validations Validation & Engineering Group, Inc Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa 4 weeks ago Be among the first 25 applicants. Electromagnetic waves are usually analysed using calculus and how they are generated from current passing through a wire among other things. They want graduates who understand how to combine mechanical and electrical engineering to tackle complex problems. Calculus is used in mechanical engineering to analyse systemic vibrations using differential equations, to analyse rotating objects and heat flow. Engineering questions and answers can be submitted via email. Indeed, the highest 10% of mechanical engineers made a wage of $136,550 in 2018, while electrical engineers earned $162,200 (Bureau of Labor Stastistics, 2018). As detailed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, each position requires a heavy dose of creativity, mathematical and mechanical skills and a discerning ability to identify and solve problems (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018). Civil, electrical and mechanical engineering are three prominent career areas within the vast field of engineering. It can be used to calculate how difficult it is to rotate and object around a point, whether it be at the end or in the center, this is known as inertia. How Will The Internet of Things Change Mechanical Engineering? There is more scope for the application of modern physics in Electrical Engineering, particularly Electronics. It is possible to visualize these movements more, and you can physically see them working. Once the receiver is in position then everything will work, however, if the receiver and the antenna are out of line, then the gimbal will have to move to align them. Electrical engineers earned slightly more at $61,190 (Bureau of Labor Stastistics, 2018). I love it like mad now and I've downloaded lots of books on it and I can tell vividly that I've more electronics textbooks than mechanical textbooks. We are not going to give an answer as both of these disciplines have amazing job opportunities in various sectors and offer high salaries. Again, there is no correct answer for everyone just options!! The BLS details several other job functions of mechanical engineers: Electrical engineers, meanwhile, are more “big picture” when it comes to the study of power usage and generation. Indeed may be compensated by these employers, helping keep Indeed free for jobseekers. In these instances, electrical and electronics engineers may work with other agencies or entities to assure quality assurance, such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission or ASTM International (formerly known as American Society for Testing and Materials) or federal governing bodies, like the Department of Energy. Maybe you would like to work with the lenses that focus and track the sunlight, so on and so forth! A very common decision for students to make is to either study mechanical engineering or pick electrical engineering. Design material-handling systems (conveyor belts, pulleys, automated transfer stations). Page 1 of 3,548 jobs. 1 W BROAD ST, SUITE 500, BETHLEHEM, PA 18018 610-866-3820 1 W BROAD ST, SUITE 500, BETHLEHEM, PA 18018 Here are a few other responsibilities often held by electrical and electronics engineers: There’s a significant amount of overlap between electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. MIT had (and still has, I think) a great Aerospace Engineering curriculum for undergraduates that basically combined Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. There are various factors which can help the students make a decision as to whether they should go for a mechanical engineering or an electrical engineering stream in BTech. The portion of the country in which you wind up working may also factor into earnings. Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Engineering Maintenance and Installation (Mechanical Maintenance) Accreditation No: 501/0377/5 This is a reference number related to UK accreditation framework Type: Credit based qualification This is categorisation to help define qualification attributes e.g. To advance these technologies, industries need more from their engineers than expertise in one discipline. In short, it’s a performance-oriented business. Retrieved from: We provide full mechanical and electrical engineering services for both domestic and commercial installations and maintenance. Our fully-qualified and certified team specialises in communal mechanical and electrical engineering systems and heating and electrical installations of all sizes, including plant and boiler rooms, retrofit sprinkler installations and fire alarms. Mechanical vs Electrical Engineering. The wireless communications concentration of electrical engineering is known as Radio Frequency (RF). It is one of the oldest and broadest of the engineering branches.. Retrieved from: Source(s): I hope this helps you I am an electrical engineer and make about $77,000 a year this my 4th year as an electrical engineer- You have to focus deeply and put your mind into thinking always. Tijdens de opleiding krijg je natuurkunde, veel wiskunde en leer je over alle aspecten van Electrical Engineering, zoals elektronische schakelingen, telecommunicatie en energievoorziening. Would you like to work on satellite communication? I chose Electrical Engineering. Apply today to learn more. It's not about opportunities but what I want to do with electronics. Desire to … Engineering is a very broad discipline. You definitely cannot see wireless signals moving in the air, or electrons moving through wires. As mechanical engineers do take some electrical engineering classes, this allows them to focus or concentrate on mechatronics. They must be sure that the methods they introduce or suggest don’t have side effects. It is important to keep in mind that it is never a decision of which field is better than the other, or which field is better or related more to one sector. Most major robotic systems are designed by specialists from all sorts of engineering backgrounds. Mechanical and electrical engineering are two very important fields of education and the professionals from both these fields have got comparable environments as well. The online master’s program at UC Riverside features curriculum that can help you narrow down which discipline is more suited to your career goals. This is mainly what biomedical engineers would be passionate about working with, but both mechanical and electrical engineers are also involved in these projects. Minimum S1 Degree from reputable university . The result is that our resources slot seamlessly into your existing workflows, resulting in models and schematics that speak to your specific needs and challenges. The same methodology is applied to 3-D printing, there needs to be precise placements particularly when the 3-D printer is being used to create important objects that have very important functions like organs. As Electrical engineering is the bridge between computer science and mechanical engineering. Some of these issues can have life-altering implications. Mechanical Electrical Engineer jobs. Good schools in California to consider are any UC as well as Cal-Polly Pomona and San Luis Obispo also you cant go wrong with Cal Tech if you want a really good school. Apart from Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering are two of the most sought after engineering streams when it comes to students. If you are not as interested in being as heavily involved in mathematics at a higher level, rest assured that calculus will not be in every class you take in either one of these degrees. There is absolutely no right answer for everyone to decide between these two fields, and that is not the purpose of this blog post. Save job. To the outside observer, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers may appear as if they’re cut from the same cloth. Roughly 80% of Americans say they encounter it frequently, according to polling by Gallup (Gallup, 2017). Perform other assigned works from the head engineer; Job Requirements. For example, electronics engineers who work on medical devices may be tasked with coming up with new equipment that can better diagnose and detect serious diseases, like cancer or certain deadly viral strains. View all blog posts under Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering is based mostly on classical physics - Newton's Laws of Motion, Laws of Thermodynamics etc. Another way in which mechanical and electrical engineers are similar is in their potential earnings. Learn about all of the mechanical and electrical engineering services we provide and see how we can help on your next project. This Mechanical and Electrical Engineering degree includes the core aspects of mechanical and electrical engineering. As of May 2012, average income for an electrical engineer was $91,810, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are four main branches of engineering, namely: 10 yrs experience in MEP … Electrical Engineers zijn bijvoorbeeld de drijvende kracht achter de ontwikkeling van smartphones, elektrische auto’s en de nieuwste medische apparatuur. In California, the median is just shy of $99,800. Its Mechanical vs Electrical Engineering! Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018. I found it comforting. Mechanical engineers. There is a great industry demand for engineers with a broad-range of knowledge, covering both mechanical and electrical disciplines; allowing you to produce safer, durable, cheaper, useful and more efficient machines and systems to benefit society and change tomorrow. How do you decide whether electrical vs mechanical engineering is right for you? Mechatronics is where electrical meets mechanical engineering with a little bit of computer engineering thrown in as well for fun. However, because advanced degrees are highly sought after by many employers, you stand to potentially earn more money straight out of college with a master’s degree than you would with a bachelor’s degree. vacancy at Anonymous Employer in Lagos today. As for which specialty you should choose, it all depends on your likes and interests and where you believe your professional strengths lie. I'm having a lot of trouble deciding whether I should go into mechanical or electrical engineering. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) refers to these aspects of building design and construction. Most of the general tasks that the professionals have to perform in both these fields are also very similar. Mechanical engineers would have to play a part in creating and designing these systems. This field/sector will become a huge part of your everyday life, try to ensure that you are going to be happy during the path of making a career in one of these disciplines, and enjoy the work that you will do everyday. Mechanical engineers (myself included), do not generally enjoy the electronics classes as it is not a topic that they are interested in. The electrical engineers calculate ampere-turns, coil designs, end turn designs, plus any electronic controls. These are definitely two very well respected engineering fields, so in this post we will go through these options for anyone who is making this decision. Do not put too much emphasis on this as you would have only received partial exposure to everything, but it is a good starting point to direct you towards which strand of engineering would suit you better. Would you like to take classes on how highly powered systems work like generators, motors etc.? By better understanding how the two compare and contrast. Your career must always be about what YOU will enjoy more! Certain engineering disciplines, however, are quite similar. View all blog posts under Electrical Engineering | The main differences between straight mechanical, and the combined mechanical and electrical engineering degree seem to be that the combined one doesn't appear to have any modules on materials or computer-based modelling and it has 1 less module on fluid dynamics and quite a … Mechanical and electrical engineering underpin many of the technologies we use and support the infrastructure of our lives such as transport, energy and communication. However, electrical engineers with additional expertise in electronics and computer hardware engineering are in greater demand than mechanical engineers. If I had to pick between the two, I’d suggest mechanical, as you take both basic kinematics and electrical circuitry. Why this course? If you want to pursue alternative energy for example, when you apply for a company that works with alternative energy you will see both engineering disciplines working there. That said, it is difficult to qualify which line of work – electrical engineering vs mechanical engineering – is more stressful. If both, then which one is more? You must understand the fundamental physics behind what is going on and be familiar with the equipment used to analyse what is happening. Exactly how much you can make in mechanical engineering vs. electric engineering is largely a function of your level of academic experience and how long you’ve been in this line of work. Electrical or Mechanical Maintenance Engineer. We will explore the things they have in common, how the curriculum differs and their respective careers. For this you will need to have knowledge of fluid mechanics with regards to air. Mechanical engineers design and develop everything that moves or has moving parts, ranging from spacecrafts and aeroplanes to racing cars, from household goods like refrigerators to the small motors that turn a CD in a CD player, from robotic control of machinery to nanotechnologies, from mechanical hearts and artificial limbs to fitness machines, and from oil and gas exploration and production … In either case, however, it’s not unusual for mechanical and electrical engineers to eventually earn six-figure salaries. Followed by 15-20+ years of previous experience within the AEC industry with a consulting engineering or A/E firm, to include marketing and business development. They work together in a team. There seems to be an introductory course for all of engineering in ECE there, but with an electrical slant - ECE 100B. According to the most recent figures available from the BLS, an entry-level mechanical engineer in 2018 made approximately $56,270. Key Responsibilities: Work on design and development of biomedical robots both from a hardware and software perspective 1669 Electrical and Mechanical Engineer jobs and careers on totaljobs. In commercial buildings, these elements are often designed by a specialized engineering firm. Electrical engineering is very different from mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering but it has one thing, it makes you more money. circuits, or the mechanical parts which would have include forces, momentum, energy, projectile motion, etc. Electrica Retrieved from:, Engineering Majors Breakdown: Electrival vs. It involves scientific, mathematical, economical, social, and practical applications in its goal to find ways and create things that can help improve man’s life and make his chores easier.. Whereas electrical engineers focus on power generation — such as electricity — mechanical engineers focus on power application – getting physical parts, motors and components to behave or act in a desired manner. Electric and electronics engineers. What Branch is the Mother of Engineering. type of assessment Credits: 63 Credits are a measure of the size of the qualification Whereas electrical engineers focus on power generation — such as electricity — mechanical engineers focus on power application – getting physical parts, motors and components to … Discover Uni draws together comparable information in areas students have identified as important in making decisions about what and where to study. These might include: the power flow of renewable energy microgrids - from the wind, to the electric generator and the power network, to the user in the home; Which is your highest level of education? In general, MEs are more versatile and can stand in for many other engineering specialities. The combination of mechanical, electrical, electronic, computing, measurement and control elements are now an important part of most modern engineering systems and are essential to meet new challenges in engineering innovation. From aeronautical to nanotechnology, engineers in these specialties and many more combine mathematical and scientific principles to make the current way of doing something with a particular product, item or service even better than it was before.
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